How to Get the Highest Sale Price for your Home

There is an art to choosing the perfect asking price for your home. While it may seem disingenuous to price your property significantly lower than what you hope to sell it for, there are good reasons that realtors do exactly that.


When you list your home conservatively, this does two things. The first is it maximizes the amount of exposure your listing gets. Most prospective homebuyers have a maximum budget in mind when they peruse available properties. The more people you can get to consider your listing the better.

Additionally, even with maximum budgets in mind, anyone who’s tried to buy in San Francisco knows that for the right place, one takes extraordinary measures. Real estate here is a sound investment and it isn’t infrequent that maximum budgets are breached.

The third reason hinges on expectations. Because most homes are priced conservatively, if you buck this trend, buyers will still assume that your property will sell for considerably over asking. That may keep people who could afford to make an offer from ever viewing your home.

Our goal is to establish a price for your home that will enable us to capitalize on the initial wave of interest that typically occurs when a property first hits the market. With the proper pricing, presentation, and marketing of your property, we will be set to build momentum.

That should result in the highest possible sales price for your home.