Noe Valley Real Estate Gets Profound

“The change in Noe Valley over the past dozen years or so has been profound. In 1974 I had a couple who bought a house near 22nd and Church for $24,000. I just resold it for $194,000.”


That’s what Droubi Team realtor BJ Droubi said in the Noe Valley Voice back in the summer of 1985. And if you’re curious what the same house would sell for today, allow us to ease your mind — unless you possess the kind of mind who could have bought property in Noe Valley 30 years ago and passed.

In the decade from ’74 to ’85, this Noe Valley real estate increased in value eightfold. In the three decades since? That same property has shot up to $2,000,000.

At Droubi Team, we’ve long known how smart an investment this area is. As we’ve lived and worked in San Francisco’s District 5 — from the Castro to Glen Park, from Dolores Heights to Bernal — we’ve seen an unending stream of clients appreciate the rising tide of their real estate fortunes.

We can’t take credit for that increase in value, but we can take credit for putting so many of our clients in a position to reap its rewards. And this upward trend continues. Every month, prices push higher and higher.

Realtor Lamisse Droubi, BJ’s daughter, exemplifies the Noe Valley value explosion. She grew up in the neighborhood. She experienced first-hand how this part of the city has consistently seen its fortunes grow. Like any other Noe Valley homeowner, Lamisse has benefitted.

When asked, she says:
“Even though I have seen Noe Valley change dramatically since I was growing up, it still feels like home to me. Its essence remains the same.”

David Pennebaker — Droubi Team agent and, no, not related by blood or marriage — couldn’t agree more. He’s always championed the wisdom of buying property and hanging onto it through thick and thin. In a market such as San Francisco’s, nothing short of national collapse is going to turn your investment sour.

Of course, you’d expect a team of realtors to sing the praises of real estate in their sphere of influence.